Half term project –¬†Why not create an exciting project to represent the place that you come from!

Autumn Curriculum Theme Project


Over half term, can you create an exciting project to represent the place that you or your family come from?

Some ideas include:

  • A map to show where your family are from
  • A poster to represent your country
  • an A-Z of special items from a certain country.

Could you make your work 3D?

Please bring your exciting projects back to school during the first week of term (Monday 30th October)

Certificates for the best entries will be handed out in assembly when we are back in November!


Nursery get their coats on

In Nursery we have been learning how to dress ourselves. We have all had a go at pulling our jumpers over our heads, putting our arms in our coats, zipping up our jackets and taking our shoes on and off. In the mornings we look for our picture so we remember which peg to hang our bags on, as well as practicing hanging our coats by the hood or hook with our parents. We have also been having a go at pouring our own drinks at snack time and peeling the skin off bananas.

All of this helps our physical development, so that we can become more and more independent as we grow older.